At the beginning of 2017 we launched the ZERO VR studio, which crowned over two years of work in the field of VR and 360-degree film. We have gained experience, we have our skills and a quite extensive portfolio. Zero VR is a professional spherical film studio consisting of experts in VR and spherical film shooting and montage as well as technicians, IT engineers, graphic designers and filmmakers.

We offer our services to demanding Clients who pay close attention to the quality of shots, post-production and storytelling. The value we provide to our Clients is key to us. This is why we keep on refining our technical equipment and developing our skills. 

ZERO VR is an exceptional team of experts, technicians and filmmakers as well as lovers of virtual reality.


The ZERO VR team consists of IT engineers and experts in 360-degree video/VR technology, cinematographers, editors and producers and marketing marketers. During selected productions, we also cooperate with reliable lighting engineers, screenplay writers and audio engineers.

Maciej Przywecki

Maciej Przywecki


 He manages the team and develops business, is responsible for the implementation of projects related to the development of competences and technology. He often operates the camera themselves and creates 360-degree films and shots with passion, which are then turned into “little planets.”

Tomasz Nagler

Tomasz Nagler

360-degree film producer/cinematographer

He plans film projects, supervises and coordinates the production and the post-production. He is responsible for efficient work flow. He is a master in perfect stitching of spherical pictures and effective editing of 360-degree films.

Mikołaj Sobczak

Mikołaj Sobczak

IT/VR Manager

He constantly develops the technological equipment of our VR productions. He provides support in the area of solutions related to 360-degree shot preparation, spherical filming and VR applications. They manage the work of the IT team.

Ewelina Kral

Ewelina Kral

360-degree film editor/filmmaker

She films shots with 360-degree cameras, is responsible for stitching and film editing. At times she has crazy visions and ideas which turn out right in this constantly growing business.

Anna Klimczak - Michalewska

Anna Klimczak - Michalewska

Project Manager

She plans film projects, supervises and coordinates the production and the post-production. She is responsible for organisation of the team and availability of the selected locations as well as for cooperation with everyone who can help us create our work.

Grzegorz Frąckowski

Grzegorz Frąckowski


He is responsible for the graphic design, colour matching and selection of shapes and hues.He creates details which are key for the final outcome and gives shape, where every minute element matters.


We shoot films and take pictures in 360 degrees every day. We implement our ideas and original visions. This way, not only do we express our own passions, but we are also constantly learning and developing our skills.

This applies not only to filmmaking, but also to the technical area to a large extent. We see problems of 360-degree filmmakers as our challenges, so we build our own devices and vehicles and develop 360-degree camera holding drones. We design, build and test them in practice. Nearly every day results in new experiences and we feel satisfaction that we are the ones to blaze the trail.

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