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We are one of the best-equipped VR production houses in Poland. We have several cameras that have sensors in a variety of sizes, drones and production-assisting sets at our disposal. We shoot films in the quality of up to 8K.


We are constantly growing, gaining new experiences and knowledge as well as expanding our technical equipment.

3D/8K 360-degree cameras

We have 4 professional insta360pro cameras providing convenient and quick production of 8K 360-degree videos as well as 3D pictures and films. 

Moreover, we have 3 sets of 6 sensors each, built on the basis of GOPRO, 2-sensor KODAK PIX-PRO sets (allowing underwater shooting and inside-out shots and opening other possibilities) and RICOH THETA spherical cameras, which support work on set.

360-degree drones

We often use shots taken by 360-degree drones in our productions. To that end, we operate DJI drones and drones built for our own purposes according to our own designs. Wewere the first in Poland to launch the service of filming with insta360pro, a professional 8K spherical camera, using a DJI Matrice 600pro drone.

Workstations and VR software

Efficient production of spherical films requires massive computing performance and skilled operation of software for 360-degree sequence stitching and editing. In our studio, we use 32-core workstations allowing high GPU and CPU performance. We work on the INSTA360 software, AUTOPANO-PRO package, MISTIKA VR and ADOBE. To control the production process, we use 4K headsets made by PIMAX.

Changing technologies, including cameras, we use in our work is a never-ending process. We shot 360-degree films for using a camera of our of design and production. It was built on the basis of 6 GOPRO cameras.


360-degree shooting from a drone is quite a difficult task.  Quality spherical cameras weigh a lot, which requires a robust and large drone. Such shots require precision flights, proper image stabilisation and post-production editing (e.g. removal of the drone from the sphere).


We select our equipment with utmost care and we test it thoroughly before purchase. Effective 360-degree filming requires experience in building the shot, which is a full sphere in this case, and adequate preparation of camera settings and parameters. Not all cameras work well in every situation. This is why we use different devices.

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